I don’t have to be wheeled to the pool anymore! How did I do it?

“I lost majority of my weight exercising in the bed and water aerobics because I wasn’t able to walk” – Milla Clark

Did you know, even the simplest pool exercises in waist-high water — improves your balance, trains your core muscles of the abdomen, increase your flexibility and boost cardiovascular fitness. You’ll notice less pain because being in the water also takes direct pressure off the joints! Exercising in the pool is a great way to loose weight,loosing just as many calories as working out on land!

My journey begins..

This was the beginning of my “600lb weight loss journey.” On this day specifically, Laying there almost 800lbs, there was a tremendous amount of emotions going through my body. I felt excited, because I was tired of being bedridden and I knew I was putting forward initiative to change my life. I felt embarrassed, because my unusual story would air on a national Television show called “My 600lb life.” Knowing people all over the world would be able to see me struggling with pretty much everything and seeing me so big frightened me. I could only imagine the harsh and negative things people would say about me and my family that I had no control over. I also felt scared, because what if I failed at what I felt like was my last chance or something was to happen to me on the operation table during surgery? My biggest fear was to leave all 5 of my children without a mother, but most of all I felt blessed because I was given another chance at life! To be able to be there for my children and do things with them we were never able to do before!They’ve honestly been my biggest motivation. Also the thought came in mind. “Maybe my story could help others all over the world,” at that point something inside of me was eager to see how far I could go on this journey. I didn’t know how it would happen, but I stayed positive through it all even when things were extremely hard. Not knowing that in the future, I would be labeled as “My 600lb life’s” most successful Patient and first person on the show ever to loose 600lbs! How awesome is that?